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F1 Agency - The Anti-Dinosaur Agency

F1 Agency is a virtual creative agency that gets rid of the fluff: no fancy offices, no large overheads, no mediocracy. We pool the best talent from all over the world to get your job done. Therefore we use the latest technology to collaborate with our team and our clients to ensure a smooth process along the way. That’s why we are the Anti-Dinosaur Agency.

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‘It's not who we are underneath,
but what we do that defines us.’

Yes, we have 35 years of experience working for top global, regional and local brands under our belt. But that’s not what defines us. It’s our path to solving problems for our clients. With our collaborative approach we treat team members and clients like family. Our process is driven by passion, science, creativity and a deep cultural understanding.So it doesn’t really matter who we are. It’s about what and how we do it.

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