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Top 5 Reasons Your Company’s Website Needs SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is what will give you the greatest ROI on your website. Without SEO, it’s like building a beautiful ship (aka your website) and then leaving it to the waves to beat around in the harbour. Not pretty and your boat is going nowhere useful. You might wonder why you spent the money making the dam boat in the first place. Your boat… (I mean website), deserves more than this. After all chances are you created it to be the major source of content for potential customers.

Web development builds the boat and SEO takes you where you want to go. In business terms this means a lot more leads (CTRs) and a greater chance of conversion per visitor. Here are the top 5 reasons your company’s website needs SEO.

1. Organic Search is King Kong as a Source of Website Traffic

There are various sources of traffic to your website. Social media and display advertising being 2 main ones. However, organic search is the most significant source of traffic hands down. In fact 53% of website traffic is due to organic Whilst “paid search” amounts for 15%. For B2B companies the traffic from “organic search” skyrockets to a whopping 64.1%!

The importance of appearing highly on search results is huge. Organic and paid search together account for approximately 68% of all website traffic. Why? This is because Google is the most popular website in the world (not just search engine). Over 2 billion users access it every month! Google is a monster in the online world. To access a larger pool of new customers, your website needs to be highly ranked on search engine results. The chart below shows that 1st position will get 28.5% of click through rates. Whilst position 10 only gets you only 2.5% of the click through rates. Forget about the rates on the second page. You’re more likely to get food positioning in the next year (1 in 6 chance) than someone clicking on results beyond the 1st page (13 out of 100 chance).

Consider the following stat. Most people in the world will do at least one google search per day. The extra business opportunities available by improving your search ranking could be significant.

2. Shorter Sales Cycle

When people search for a product or service using Google, they already know what they are looking for. If your website is ranking highly for the keywords in their search they are more likely to click on your webpage. At this point you don’t need to convince them they need the product or service. They are already looking for a provider. What you need to do is to convince them that your company can meet their needs. Which is a lot easier if they click on your page because it’s ranked well.

3. Trust and Credibility

People trust websites that are more highly ranked. Sites with better user experience, content and authority rank higher on Google. Through experience people learn the higher the website ranking the more trustworthy and credible the website is. Even if this is a subconscious experience. From your own standpoint would you trust a website listed somewhere on page 14 of results? Being more highly ranked = greater trust and credibility = higher likelihood of conversion.

4. Good SEO means a Good User Experience

There are many factors that go into achieving good SEO. User experience is a big one. Google’s ability to check a website’s user experience is very sophisticated. It looks at things such as bounce rates, loading time of pages, and how easy your website is to navigate. Providing content that is in fact useful to the user is crucial (i.e. what they are searching for). Gone are the days of keyword stuffing to get people to your website. Providing useful and quality content is key in delivering value to the user. Going through the SEO process forces positive change to your website. Making it more user friendly and of valuable to the user. Which translates into better business performance.

5. Local SEO

Local SEO is a great way to compete in your geographic area. Especially if you are skeptical your company could rank highly for very competitive keywords. After all, you’re competing with all the other websites in your industry in the entire world. Well note quite. With local SEO you can cut out a lot of the search competition. For example if you are looking for a restaurant, dentist or an appliance store you will want options close to home. So you might search for Appliance Store Trinidad or Hotels in Florida to get options that suit your geographical needs.


In a nutshell, SEO is a powerful source of business success for websites. It’s the cream in it’s coffee, the salt in it’s stew, the ying to it’s yang, the peanut butter to its jelly, the bacon to its eggs, the Snopp to its dog…..

You get what I mean :o)

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